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Academic Stress

Academic Stress

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Colledge stress
Academic stress is common.
As is well known, college students come from different place. Students can be admitted to the universities are excellent students. So the competition between them is intension. At the period of university, students not only study hard to learn the really knowledge but also take the diploma. Beside the class, there are many spare time, so students may take advantage of this free time to consolidate the knowledge. For example, as for the CET-4, students must pass through it if they want to get the degree certificate. So the students who English is not good should pay more attention to it. Sometimes they may take part in the English corner, which can be improved their oral and listen level. Sometime they write some essay in a week and do a lot of exercises. They need to pay a lot of effort. Therefore, the students face the great pressure in academic.
Financial pressure
Nowadays, the tuition fee of college student is very expensive. If their family has good condition, students will be better. But most of students were common family. Especially those who came from the village. It is so difficult for them to afford the fee. Hereby, they not only study hard to get the scholarship, but also find the part-time job to earn money. So the financial pressures may be effect the quality of their life.
Personal pressures
Not only this kind of stress include academic plus financial pressures but also include human relationship and social problem. The human relationship can not be handled properly, it may lead two results. On the one hand, it lead to autistic, on the other hand, they will not communicate with others, it is easy to bring mental pressure. In addition, the college students are faced with the obtain employment in the competitive social. I think this problem will bring them enormous pressures.

In conclusion, college students facing these pressure, they need to learn to adjust themselves at all time. Only in this way,...

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