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Dead Poet's Society - Conformity

Dead Poet's Society - Conformity

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Topic: The major theme of the film is conformity. Discuss

In the Dead Poets Society there is an overall motif of conformity and it is enforced throughout the school and its traditions. The movie is centered around the boys of Welton Academy breaking free from rules and regulations, striving to find the life that they want to live. There are multiple film techniques used in the movie to display the theme of conformity and the authority that the school has over its students. Mr. Perry is a strong believer in these values and enforces them on his son, Neil. As the main character, Mr. Keating, the new English teacher tries to re-establish the boys’ mindset and liberate them, freeing them from severe unity.
The filming methods enhance the movie and exhibit the matter of conforming and submitting to higher powers. In the opening scene, the school’s motto is immediately presented, ‘Tradition! Honour! Discipline! Excellence!’ Welton Academy’s Four Pillars are the foundations of the school and it is made apparent that the school conducts itself in a very professional and rigorous way. The school has a reputation for excellence in producing successful, all round men and it is extremely determined to maintain this. It is clear that by being a student at Welton Preparatory, the boys’ are required to carry out your life guided by the school’s motto. It is expected of the students to all unify together and simply achieve outstanding results, ‘the curriculum here is set. It's proven. It works.’ making them miss out on the crucial lessons of growing up. The film creatively uses symbols, hinting conformity throughout the movie. The birds represent the boys, beginning with them all conforming and flying off together. As the film progresses it can be seen that the bird begin to scatter, showing that some boys are venturing down there own path. The bells ringing is another brilliantly encrypted message showing just how much the boys adhere to the rules and the school...

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