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Different Ways in Organizing the Employees

Different Ways in Organizing the Employees

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Developing Good Business Sense
Page Collins
Axia College of University Of Phoenix

Developing Good Business Sense
In the following business one will discuss the employee tasks, the differences in the operations involved in the input, operations, and output stages of each company, identifying the nature of their operating systems. Also, how the employees are organized in different ways.
Another area in which will be discussed is the main kinds of OMM costs are involved and how this affects their OMM operations.
Lastly, how a company designs their operating systems to give them a competitive edge.
Pioneer human services/Boeing
The employee tasks for this business consist of being efficient, precise, Quality on time delivery, steady paced, and willing to learn in all areas of the business.
Taco Time
The employee tasks consist of friendly customer service, patience, clean, and presentable at all times.
Fred Meyers
The employee tasks consist of patience, friendliness, to be universal knowing all departments within the store, knowledgeable as to where all products are located, understanding.
Input, operations, and output systems
When considering the input, operations and output systems for each business this involves choosing which product to make and sell to customers. To create the operations it is the actual process of creating goods or providing services. These operations are what convert a company’s inputs into finished goods and services. The input side includes the activities necessary to purchase high-quality raw materials or low cost components and get them to the company efficiently as possible.
Pioneer Human Services works in connection with Boeing Aerospace to provide cargo liners for all airplanes that are distributed through Boeing. The products that are made and sold through Pioneer are to be of the upmost quality in order to insure that the planes are safe to be put in the air. Boeing works with McGill industry’s to supply their...

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