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Entrepreneurs and Their Contribution to Society

Entrepreneurs and Their Contribution to Society

Entrepreneurs and their contributions to society- A local investigation

Blanchard’s heating and Cooling has been in the refrigeration and air conditioning business for the past 17 years. The business is owned by Ivan Blanchard. It is located downtown Corner Brook, on 37 Brook street. I have recently interview Mr. Blanchard about his entrepreneur opinions and experiences to get a better understanding of why he has chosen this path.

1) Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur? I wanted to be able to run my own business to be my own boss, the clientele and to be able to move back home to Corner Brook.
2) Why did you choose the type of business that you are presently in? It was my trade and area of expertise.
3) Have you ever owned another type of business? No, just Blanchard’s heating and cooling.
4) What motivates you to want to run your own business? The satisfaction of knowing your providing customer service to the community, being able to make my own decisions, and the staff employment.
5) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business? Advantages would be flexibility, being able to take time off when you need it. Also the benefits of have company vehicles and things like that.
6) How many hours do you work per week? Anywhere from 40 to 60 hours weekly.
7) Did you always plan to own your own business? Yes, my plan was to get my journeyman and move back home and open my own refrigeration and air conditioning business.
8) What type of education do you have? A trade in refrigeration and air conditioning.
9) Do you need a special type of training to operate the type of business that you own? Yes, refrigeration and air conditioning, my wife takes care of most financial and business issues.
10) What previous work experience do you have? 4 years as a meat cutter and 5 years of refrigeration.
11) Do you think that your previous work experience helps you now? Yes, It helped my get to...

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