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First Assignment: Advantages of Studying Abroad

First Assignment: Advantages of Studying Abroad

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First assignment: advantages of studying abroad

Studying abroad gives to student some kind of freedom. During studying abroad he or she in charge of his or her life and decision that student makes such as doing or not doing homework, going or not going to class. It makes some changes in student`s lifestyle and personality. There are many advantages of studying overseas as: good quality of education, learning other cultures, learning new technologies.
The first benefit of studying in other country is good quality of education. Many parents want to see their children in good university. So, most of them choosing overseas universities. Because, most of the time quality of education in developed or in country which has higher level of economy is better than local. They have more thing which helps to student in studying, such as new technology, new books, good teachers. Sum of this things is quality of education.
The second advantage of studying abroad is learning other cultures. It helps to deal with people from other countries, with other nations. Knowing other culture may break the stereotype about population of other countries. Then, people could be closer to each other. After graduating a university abroad if people will work in different countries they may adapt to their place easily. Because, people which studied in overseas have many experiences.
The third positive issue is learning new technologies. Technology means computers, machines and methods of work. Nowadays, almost all companies using computers. Computers become main tools to do business. And business needs person who knows computer`s programs well. And today machines supplied with computers. So computer took over most of aspects of technology.
In conclusion, most of changes in overseas student life are benefit of studying abroad. There are a few advantages of studying abroad as: good quality of education, learning...

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