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Group Motivation Inventory

Group Motivation Inventory

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Group Motivation Inventory
Erika Campbell
Dr. Denise Land
January 7, 2010

Group Motivation Inventory
During week four of Team Dynamics for Managers, the completion of a group motivation inventory identified each group member’s motivation toward working with others, goal completion, and dedication. While completing the Group Motivation Inventory, the discovery that a weakness within a group does not necessarily have to be self-induced, but could possibly be induced by factors or effects from many things within my surrounding. The assessment included questions that reviewed a group member’s work ethic, quality and quantity of contribution, attitude toward members in the group and the assignment at hand, the quality and dedication found within other group members, and the understanding and acceptance of the group’s diversity. Successful completion of this assessment will improve the group’s productivity and cohesion, setting the group up for success.
Knowing a Group’s Motivational Base
Identifying and Discovery
Upon completion of the Group Motivation Inventory, areas of weakness and strengths became evident allowing myself and group members to address possible causes of such a mediocre score of 98. According to Engleberg & Wynn (2007) a scores between 76 and 99 represent a moderate level of motivation (p. 320). This moderate level of motivation is primarily environmentally induced with a few personal negative motivators. The environmental factors that play a major role in my lack of motivation toward the group and course stems from outside interaction and influence from group mates, such as negative attitudes, lack of organization, and miscommunication. These may seem relatively minor to many, but these are major factors as they control my reaction and response to the group. My reaction and response will become one of the two: 1) Lack of concern about the assignment and group mates, and 2) Limited dedication to group’s goal. My...

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