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An Essay on Religion and Politics

How to write an essay on religion in politics? When writing an essay on religion in politics, one should first have a definition of the two terms. Religion is a set of beliefs and practices, while politics is the process by which a group of people make decision. Also to write an essay on religion in politics, one should also consider the relationship of the two terms. In the past, religion and politics were inseparable. State leaders were religious leaders as well. Moses of the Israelites and the Pharaohs of Egypt were examples of leaders who had power over state and religious matters. Today, most nations recognize the separation of the church and the state. So, when students are asked to write an essay on religion in politics, they are influenced by the idea that religion and politics should not blend. But if one would observe carefully, he would find out that religion and politics always co-exist. There is politics in religion as when church leaders struggle and compete with one another to assume the highest position. There is religion in politics as when political aspirants pray in public and solicit for the support of religious organizations in their candidacy. An essay on religion in politics must have an introduction. In this section, the definition of terms and history and purpose should be indicated. An essay on religion in politics must also have a body. Here, the thoughts of the writer about the topic are revealed. For example, I believed that religion is an important part in politics because religiosity can garner votes, can influence policy making, and guide decision making. Students also need to be updated with current events in order to write a convincing essay on religion in politics. This is possible by reading news articles, watching news programs, and searching the net. The internet is the most recommended source when writing an essay on religion in politics. Here, the student can easily search for...

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