Kudler Fine Food Value

Kudler Fine Food Value

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Kudler Fine Foods Values
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods Values
The purpose of this paper is to identify how the author’s own personal values align with Kudler Fine Foods values as an organization and how the author’s personal values would affect performance if she were a manager at KFF. The author’s results from the William’s Institute for Ethics and Management self assessment were most closely related to Character. By analyzing Kathy Kudler’s the owner of KFF’s decision making and implementation of policies and procedures the author perceives Kathy of making sound moral judgments.
Author’s Personal Values
The author beliefs the results from the William’s Institute for Ethics and Management assessment are in accordance with how she perceives to determine values. The author focuses on “help[ing] people achieve moral excellence” (University of Pheonix, 2008, Week Six rEsource), and makes her perception based on character rather than an individuals actions. This category is most closely aligned with Aristotle’s philosophy of virtue theory which concepts include excellence or moral wisdom.
The Values of Kathy Kudler and Kudler Fine Foods
The author identifies Kathy’s ethical style as one of character. Kathy has developed policies and procedures for the organization that focus on employee’s well-being and fairness. It appears that while the most important priority is related to customer satisfaction; employees are developed to achieve moral excellence by training and development programs in order to meet the company's customer service standards.
The author perceives that KFF’s exemplifies good character by providing employees with the tools to keep them motivated while the organization pursues to maintain excellent customer service. Furthermore KFF wants to properly support their employees by offering comprehensive salary and benefits to employees.
Kudler Fine Foods uses a variety of styles to...

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