27th jan, 09

Dear Taposh,
Remember me??....I think no. How would you. Its not your fault. Its nobody’s fault really. Its been almost 25 years since we have last seen each other.
Ohk let me give you some sort of clue so that you can recognize me. Remember the person who gave you an old, used book as a gift on your birthday. Ahh now you remember me, right?? We never forget people like that.

You may be wondering why I am writing you this letter after so many years. Well, it always occurred to me later in my life that I give you a unique gift. A gift which no one ever gave anyone. Not only because I had a guilt for my act on that day, but also because your birthday turned out to be the day of birth of my ambitions. Although it is an irony that the unique gift I have finally decided to present you is quite contrary to what I had thought of. But something happened to me last week which made realize that my plans were so USELESS. My understanding of life was so immature and so is of millions of other people around this world. But my eyes opened just a few days back. How all that happened is of prime importance. I am finally relieved that what I am going to tell you will be the best gift I could have ever given you. So I will you tell you a story, in fact my story right after we parted our ways in life

My friend, before you start reading ahead I would want you to know that I wrote it in a clear state of mind as in my situation it has become quite easy to have it, but I would like you to read from here on in the same state. This is because “An empty cup can alone be filled but not the one already filled to the brim” So here I unwrap the gift. A gift with no expensive price tag attached to it, but still priceless.

I can straightaway tell you the most important incident which changed my perspective towards life, but it won’t be fruitful for you until you know my older take at life. So I start right from our school days after we parted ways, which is...

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