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  1. Rhyming is fun: an interactive approach in tefl to young learners

    Prof. dr Slobodanka Đolić Rhyming Is Fun: An Interactive Approach in TEFL to Young Learners Anyone involved in language teaching will know that “pleasure for its own sake” (Richards, 1969) has been an important element of language learning no matter of the level of language proficiency.

  2. Final conclusion - tefl course

    Prior to starting the Trinity TEFL course, I had little teaching experience in a classroom environment and only in my own language. I had little knowledge of the teaching techniques and methodology used to teach a foreign language and having to put theory into practice almost from day one seemed qui

  3. Tefl teaching english to young learners

    Teaching English to Young Learners with GO TEFL Result: 81% Assignment Answer the following questions based on your course readings for this module. (100 marks) Part 1: This section covers multiple choice type questions. Choose the correct answer from the possible answers provided. 1. What is o

  4. Tefl

    Recommended Reading List for MA Entrance Exam in TEFL Karim Sadeghi, PhD English Language Department Urmia University Tel: +98 441 3362008-12 ext: 222 Email: k.sadeghi@urmia.ac.ir[->0] A. General English: Your general English proficiency including your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary an

  5. Why Complete TEFL Course

     Why complete a TEFL course? It pays to study TEFL course for several reasons. I was searching for a course to study besides my Business Administration. I was so frustrated making a choice on what to study when I met a friend of mine who had studied TEFL. As soon as she mentioned that...

  6. Can Grammar or Phonetics Be Taught Through Games?

    University of Essex Department of Language and Linguistics LG 557 Descriptions of English for TEFL Dr. Julian Good Can Grammar or Phonetics be taught through Games? Submitted by: Rasha Sultan Ahmad (MA TEFL) January 2004

  7. Language Learning

    I think it will be helpful to understand the first language acquisition when we learn a second language. I initially studied English as a second language in the public school almost 10 years ago. Up to the present, I am still taking some English tutorial lessons because I didn’t learn much from

  8. A History of English Language Teaching (Second Edition) Publisher: Oxford University Press Authors: a P R Howatt with H G Widdowson Despite the Fact That I Could Obviously Judge the Topic of the Book from the Title,

    A History of English Language Teaching (Second Edition) Publisher: Oxford University Press Authors: A P R Howatt with H G Widdowson Despite the fact that I could obviously judge the topic of the book from the title, this history of TEFL and TESOL was in no way what I expected before I started rea

  9. Academic resume

    FARAH AINI SHAZLIN Mobile:01115026786 Phone:03-55235786 E-mail:farahaini786@gmail.com OBJECTIVE Seeking scholarsh PERSONAL PROFILE This is the key element of your CV. The rest of your CV content will be based on this section. Use words which reflect skills and...

  10. Master

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  11. Importance Of English

    LANGUAGE IN INDIA Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 13 : 1 January 2013 ISSN 1930-2940 Managing Editor: M. S. Thirumalai, Ph.D. Editors: B. Mallikarjun, Ph.D. Sam Mohanlal, Ph.D. B. A. Sharada, Ph.D. A. R. Fatihi, Ph.D. Lakhan Gusain, Ph.D. Jennifer Marie...

  12. Techniques & Principles of Language Test

    As mentioned in the back of this book, this book is designed to meet the needs of the classroom teacher. Comparing it with the First Edition which was an excellent overview for the beginning teacher, or for non-ESL teachers, changes have been made in the second edition; new language teaching methods

  13. Grammar Games in Teaching English

    Contents: I. Introduction 1.1 General characteristics of the work 1.2 The role of games on language lessons II. Main Part 2.1.1 The advantages of using games 2.1.2 The adequacy in using games 2.1.3 Learning grammar through games III. Conclusion IV. BIBLIOGRAPHY I. Introduction 1.1 Gener