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5bic slides

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Intermediate Certificate in Human Resources Management


Business Issues & The Contexts of Human Resources

TMA Purpose

To enable you to identify, review and assess the impact of
the business and external contextual factors affecting your
organisation and the HR function


Hayley Montgomery

TMA Deadline

Midnight Sunday 12.06.16

▪ Explain the requirements of
the tutor marked
▪ Highlight key models and
theories which could be
included in your assignment
▪ Provide best practice for
writing your TMA

5BIC TMA: Learning outcomes
▪1. Understand key contemporary business issues affecting the
HR function within private, public and third sector organisations
▪2. Understand the main external contextual factors impacting
on organisations and the HR function
▪5. Know how to identify and respond to short-term changes in
the business and external contexts

5BIC TMA: Outline
3000 word report for your CEO which investigates :
▪key business and contextual factors which impact on your organisation
and the HR function
▪how your organisation should respond to these impact factors in the short
Your report should include:
▪references from internal and external sources
▪real examples from your research or experience to support your findings
▪you can use your own organisation or one familiar to you

5 areas to cover:
1.An outline description...

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