Abortion as a Right!

Abortion as a Right!

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Her Choice, Her Body
Joe-Anthony El tawil

Eng 202
Dr. Nadra Assaf
May, 4 , 2012

Her Choice, Her Body
Thesis: I believe that in most cases abortion, which might be a solution or a means to avoid future problems, should not be banned since I consider it to be the removal of lifeless tissues from the mother’s uterus rather than a crime.
In support of abortion
The mother’s freedom of choice
Women must have the right and the liberty to take the decision of having an abortion.
Women’s decision must be private in such a critical case.
Women can control their bodies and attain equality with the other sex by taking this decision privately.
The Fetal abnormalities
The fetal abnormalities have negative effects on the society as a whole and on the family.
The fetal abnormalities can end a fetus’ life.
The fetal abnormalities treatment requires high medical costs.

Religious beliefs supporting abortion
The Presbyterian Church supports abortion in certain well defined cases.
The American Baptist Church believes in the uprightness of each individual.
The United Methodists are with abortion as a means to reduce unwanted pregnancies.
The Reform Judaists support abortion in case where the pregnancy is affecting the mother’s psychological status.
First general counter argument with its refutation (The nature of the fetus)
The unborn child is considered to be a human being.
The unborn child’s life starts at the instant of conception.
The unborn child has a moral status.
The unborn child is considered to be a human being.
The unborn child’s existence depends on the mother’s life or existence knowing that the mother is completely formed.
The unborn child’s life starts when it is outside the female’s uterus.

Second general counter argument with its refutation (the unborn child’s rights)
The unborn child has the right to live.
The Roman Catholic Church defends the right to life.
Abortion violates the right to life of the fetus by ending it.
The unborn child...

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