Abuse at School

Abuse at School

November 4, 2008

Dr. Smith,

Your letters dated May 12 and July 7 reached me on August 21. Your statements deliberately misstate the truth and your words seem to have been chosen to imply the worst about me, but they are easily refuted by the facts. Never have I made false statements about anyone to anyone, nor would I. In this letter, and in all other communications on this issue, I've clearly said what I know to be true and what I believe to be true. I have always distinguished the two: what I witnessed and what students said they witnessed. This is my second and final letter to you.

I witnessed a bad scene in April 2007. The other was reported to me by two students independently of each other and was said to have occurred in the fall of 2007. These events were the bullying of students by administrators. I was prepared to give you the details, but you decided to attack me instead. It was I who asked the policeman to speak to you. You met him at your office the very next day. He related that you were sincerely concerned about the matter and would take some measures. So why did you respond with icy hauteur and avoidance when I asked to see you? Why were you not interested in meeting with the person who said she was a witness to the worst offense?

You and I spoke only on two occasions, and both times you called me. Check your long-distance bill because I'm sure the calls did not exceed 15 minutes in total. You and I discussed nothing of value during the second, the brief conference call stunt. With the children's welfare at stake this is not a “significant” amount of time. How wrong I was to contact you and expect you'd care!

As for the implied dozens, scores or hundreds of calls you say I made to your office, that's simply not true and would have been a colossal waste of my time. It's moot because it cannot be proved or disproved. I did leave a few messages in a futile effort to nudge your conscience into acting for the kids. Besides, had it been...

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