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Genesis 2:21 “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept.”

Adam was violently shaken awake by the rumbling of the early morning metro. Every day for the past six years had began to the horrid screech of old wheels against rusted track and he still could not get used to the incessant wailing, even after all this time. He groaned loudly. The trains were like clock work; it would take a cold day in hell to stop them from running. Slowly rising from the bed, he silently wished that just once he could sleep in without their annoying racket ushering him out of bed every morning. One was supposed to wake up to escape the nightmare, not the other way around.

As the apartment continued to shake, as it would for the rest of the day as the train schedule was relentless, Adam shook off the last bit of drowsiness and dressed sloppily for work. Rushing through the streets to the train station five minutes later, he sighed. Fall had long sense passed into winter. An icy gray fog hovered just above the buildings, blocking out the sun. Adam shivered. It was another cold day.

Adam worked in insurance, high risk claims were his specialty. To his mind work was nothing less than cold blooded murder. High risk claims meant only one thing to him, rejection.

Slumping down into his desk, which was over flowing with what would amount to years of back logged work, Adam picked up his well worn red stamp and began to sort each paper one by one. For eight hours a day he would simply stamp rejection after rejection, denial after denial, on every paper that came through his office.

He did not make the mistake of reading the claims anymore, he simply stamped the page and put it in the out pile, no one ever qualified anyway. When he had first started working there he had read each claim carefully, as if he alone had the power to give the money out. However, after he had taken several claims up to higher officials in hopes that they might give a little...

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