Adolescent Depression and Suicide

Adolescent Depression and Suicide

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One of the factors that make depression so difficult to diagnose in adolescents is the common behavior changes that are normally associated with hormonal changes. It has only been in recent years that the medical community has acknowledged childhood depression and viewed it as a condition which requires intervention. Extensive studies and research into the causes, effects and treatments of depression are now able to provide more insight on the mental and social factors that cause our youth to suffer from depression and what triggers the adolescent to contemplate suicide. The goal of this paper is to educate and inform readers on the effects that depression has on adolescents. By promoting awareness of depression people can become familiar with the warning signs and symptoms in order to provide our youth with proper treatment.

Adolescent Depression and Suicide

Major depression effects one in fifty school children. Countless others are effected by milder cases of depression which may also effect school performance. The peak age of depression correlates with the peak years of low self esteem. The suicide rate in teenagers has quadrupled in the last quarter century making it the 3rd leading cause of adolescent death in the nation. A high school with a population of 2,000 students can expect 50 attempted suicides per year. And yet depression and other affective disorders continue to be an area primarily ignored by the public schools.
I. Depression
A. History of Adolescent Depression
B. Symptoms of Depression
C. Causes of Depression

II. Depression and Low Self- Esteem
A. Factors of Depression
B. Coping with Depression

III. Interventions

A. Various Therapies
B. Treatment for the Adolescent


Adolescent Depression and Suicide

On May 14, 1996, a 15 year-old middle school student...

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