Adoption by Same Sex Couples: Should It Be Permitted?

Adoption by Same Sex Couples: Should It Be Permitted?

Adoption by Same Sex Couples: Should it be Permitted?

Allyson Woods

Strayer University

ENG215 006016: Research & Writing

The traditional or nuclear family has always been viewed as a mother and father. However, today same sex parents are heading more families. Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted and integrated into today’s society. However, when it comes to homosexuals adopting children, a problem is arises. Some people believe that adoption by same-sex couples should be legal, while others feel it should be banned. “The 2002 Census identified 600,000 same-sex couple households, with 162,000 having one or more children. One-third of lesbian-headed and one-fifth of gay-headed couples reported they had children under age 18 living with them” (“Expanding resources for children”, 2006, p.5). Although adoption by same-sex couples contradicts society’s view of a traditional family, same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children if they are found to be fit parents through the adoptive process.
One reason why same-sex couples should be permitted to adopt children is because the adoption system is grossly overcrowded. By allowing same-sex couples to adopt, it would help limit the number of children in the foster care system. According to Rob Woronoff of the Child Welfare League of America, “the child welfare system is already in crisis, we don’t have enough families as it is” (Stone, 2006, Para 9). Additionally, according to the North American Council of Adoptable Children in St. Paul, “there are about 520,000 children in the foster care system, of those, 120,000 are available for adoption, but only 50,000 find permanent homes each year” (Stone, 2006, Para. 6). Additionally, there are “an estimated two million GLB people are interested in adopting” (Gates, Badgett, Macomber, & Chamber, 2007, p. 1). A large number of children are in need of permanent and loving families and there are millions of same sex couples...

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