Advantages and Disadavantages

Advantages and Disadavantages

ITV plc Report and accounts 2009


Stakeholders ITV’s major stakeholders include shareholders, employees, suppliers, viewers and online users, UK and international broadcasters, and advertisers.

Business review

Given the difficult economic environment, ITV has seen its headcount fall significantly during 2009. As at 31 December 2009, the Company had 4,026 employees (2008: 5,232 employees). In tough market conditions, building employee engagement and commitment is an even greater priority for the Company. In 2009, ITV undertook regular staff surveys to track staff opinion, commitment and engagement (see page 33). People development Ensuring that staff have the necessary skills and experience to deliver the Company’s corporate objectives in rapidly changing market conditions is a priority for ITV. The Company’s performance management process seeks to ensure that ITV employees have clear and aligned objectives which are evaluated each year. All managers are required to undertake a formal Performance and Development Review with their staff. In 2009, ITV refined its core training portfolio to focus on those core skills that best meet the priorities of the business. ITV has also implemented a number of initiatives in 2009 that give employees broader experience and enhance companywide commitment. These include the relaunch of the volunteering scheme which allows employees to use their creative and media skills through a range of volunteering opportunities. A 12 month Fast Track scheme allows talented ITV staff at the beginning of their careers to build experience and skills on an accelerated basis. Rewards and incentives In order to attract, retain and motivate the best talent, ITV aims to offer all employees a competitive package of pay, benefits and incentives. In January 2010 ITV completed its annual pay review and concluded that there should be no increase in base salary for any ITV employees. However, to provide recognition to its employees...

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