Agree or Disagree with the Use of Gm Food

Agree or Disagree with the Use of Gm Food

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GM foods are now becoming more and more prevalent and begin to be widely used. Many government officials, public interest groups and other scientist have all raised their concern about GM foods, and criticized agribusiness for pursuing profits without concern for potential hazards. I completely disagree with the use of GM foods.

However, some people still think that it is a benefit for higher crop yields, which could feed more people in developing countries. Despite the initial higher cost of seeds, genetically modified foods are also cited as more economical. That is because they reduce the need for herbicides and the demand for labor power.

In my opinion, however, I firmly believe that GM foods have the ability to trigger an allergy in humans. Some of the genes used in GM technology might be taken from a food which causes allergies in people. It could cause trouble as the gene was added into the host organism, or a new allergen could be produced when genes are mixed from different species.

Another point of concern is that some GM foods are modified by using bacterial and viruses, as a consequence, there is a fear that we will see the occurrence of new kinds of diseases. It is really a worrisome issue that this innovative technology might harm the human health. After consideration of this controversial topic, I am convinced that I disagree with using GM foods, because it is not the only way to produce more crop yields for people, but a good way to keep humankind from being hurt.

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