Alex's Antique Auction Emporium

Alex's Antique Auction Emporium

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Alex’s Antique Auction Emporium

Alex’s Antique Auction Emporium (AAAE) is one of the local community’s most exciting Thursday night events. Established in 1992, AAAE auctions people’s prized heirlooms and estate treasures. Every Thursday night from 6:00 p.m. until the last item has been “knocked-down,” Coyote Clem, AAAE’s colorful auctioneer, urges the audience to bid ever-so higher in order to maximize the selling price of the item up for bid. The Item Caller, and also owner, Alex, is ever so mindful that to garner the best price for consignor’s items, he embellishes the description of the item, often referring to its antiquity, design, rarity, and the possible missed opportunity of a life time. As an astute business man, Alex knows that he must sell at least $10,000 worth of merchandise per hour, so being organized and knowing that the items being auctioned have reached their greatest potential are critical in achieving this goal.

All auctions are preceded with previews that allow potential bidders the chance to examine the items closely. Bidders register to bid at each auction. A number is assigned to a bidder upon registering and this number is used to track winning bids for the items auctioned. Preferred bidders are identified as those who repeatedly attend the auctions and frequently purchase items at the auctions. These preferred customers are assigned a permanent number that is kept on file in the office, enabling these bidders the privilege of not having to register each time an auction is held.

Some customers register for a bidder number and attend the preview, but not the auction. These ‘absentee’ bidders leave a card with the item number, brief description, and the highest bid amount the auctioneer to bid for the item. The customer may win the bid with a figure that is lower than the amount submitted if there is little interest and thus, bidding for the item.

There are other customers who...

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