All About Prince Harnny Vasquez Ybot

All About Prince Harnny Vasquez Ybot

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All About My Self

I am Prince Harnny Vasquez Ybot
17 yrs old a active member of Iglesia ni Cristo and im also a choir member and I
Have also a duty in “Kapisanang Binhi”
II ChairPerson Of S.C.A (Pangalawang Pangulo ng SCA) I love to research all about Martial Arts or the way of fighting
I also love to watch Martial Arts movie’s
Like Enter The Dragon , Way of The Dragon , Fist of Fury , Ip Man I , Ip Man II , My most admirable actor, Director and The Grandmaster and Founder of “Jeet Kune Do”(the way of intercepting fist) his real name is Jun Fan Lee but A.K.A Bruce “The Dragon” Lee , when I interact with people I like people that interest in martial arts, always happy, always smile and not moody, hobbies playing dota, net surfing and training m.a
What are the three words would describe you right now ?

First is Sick because im not feelinf well today because I have a cough and sneeze right now.

Second Happy because I have still life that our God Almighty gave this to me and I arrived my here safe and I meet again my classmate and friends.

Third Relax because I really comfortable In this block section and in this school New Era University and I feel less stress in my life right now.

Journal #2

What do you like most about
your self ?

My most like about my self Is being a fast leaner when is concentrate and give extra efforts on the things that I wanted to learned .
When I learned something new in my life I feel like I achieve a short time goals .

Journal # 3

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted?
And when would you use this ability?

To fly is the bet ability that I wanted to do I really love to fly like super hero. Why ? because to fly is the coolest ability ever, you can go anywhere you want , you can join a group of birds up in the sky , you can join sport like high jump and basket ball I will pass to other player who guards on me and then I will fly high and dunk the ball , the ability to fly...

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