Altering Ones Body to Fit Society

Altering Ones Body to Fit Society

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Altering One’s Body to fit in to Society
Com 150
May 27,2010

Altering One’s Body to fit in Society pg 2

One procedure people use for vanity reasons is; cosmetic surgery, it can be beneficial to

many people, but just because it is available this should not be used to try to look like

someone else. Possessing access to these different procedures in altering a person’s body

will only benefit the eye of the beholder, but at what cost or risk, is the customer or patient

willing to endure to try to correct what is pointed at by society as a flaw. Cosmetic surgery

is a form of plastic surgery, which focuses on different alterations to a body or face, used in

corrections of their appearances; how they want to appear in society, and feel accepted.

Society has brainwashed people into believing there is a certain way to appear or look.

Many types of cosmetic surgery are available such as: nose (rhinoplasty), the ears

(otoplasty), the chin (mentoplasty) and the breasts (augmentation or reduction

Mammoplasty), body contour surgery called (lipectomy); face lift (rhytidectomy) or a type

of skin peel can improve the appearance of aging, or facial appearances and other skin
Altering one’s body to fit in society pg3

corrections are all available, but none without risks (2000)(In The Royal Society of

Medicine Health Encyclopedia). Many procedures that a person may

use to alter him or herself to what he or she is thought or expected to look like in

society. These types of procedures are being done for vanity reasons, people will never

look like someone else or have the same genes as another individual, no two individuals are

going to be identical unless they are from the same gene pool, all that depends on what

peoples gene pool may look like. This is being done so people can compare him/herself to

the variety of magazine’s in grocery stores placed in...

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