Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Many organizations today are faced with litigations from many levels however, there are additional alternatives in which to handle potential litigations and this process is called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) are being adopted by many organizations because the process itself is less expenses and time consuming. According to Jennings (2006), “Alternative Dispute Resolution, offers parties alternative means of resolving their differences outside actual courtroom litigation and the costly aspects of preparation for it. ADR ranges from very informal options, such as a negotiated settlement between CEO’s of companies, to the formal, written process of the American Arbitration Association. These processes may be used along with litigation or in lieu of litigation” (pp. 111).

The Department of Defense, Education Activity (D.O.D.E) has developed a website which covers the definition of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process in addition to providing tips, techniques, and preparation notes for the mediation process itself. The Department of Defense defines alternative dispute resolution as “a term which covers many alternatives to traditional methods for resolving workplace disputes arising from poor communication, personality conflicts, or alleged discrimination” (pp.1). It was very helpful to read through this website because it provided a sample of how to prepare for this process from the perspective of the Department of Defense Education.

In the context of this class Law-531 for the time being it is necessary for us to create a learning team charter which will include the process of ADR. The Alternative Dispute Resolution process should be clear and to the point so that if the team where to come up with an impasse on an issue we could refer back to the ADR document to resolve the situation.

According to the University of Phoenix (2006), a team charter consists of...

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