Alternative Fuel Cars

Alternative Fuel Cars

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There four main types of environmentally friendly types of cars. Hybrid, solar powered, Hydrogen fuel cell powered and nitrogen powered cars. I am going to investigate whether they are the solution to petrol/ diesel powered cars, whether they are indeed environmentally friendly and whether the idea of their use is practical

The definition of hybrid is the vehicle which runs from a combination of two or more sources i.e. vehicle that combines two or more sources of power that can directly or indirectly provide propulsion power is a hybrid. For example a pedal-and-go moped which combines the power of engine and pedal power of user.

Hybrid Structure
There are two types of hybrid cars. One is known as the parallel hybrid and the other is known as a series hybrid. Parallel hybrid is a combination of a combustion engine and series of batteries it can run directly from the combustion process and the electric motors at the same time, where as a series hybrid can only run on one power source at a time and can change between them at any time
Both types use the same components, which are:
• Small Gasoline Engine
• Fuel Tank
• Electric Motor
• Generator (used mostly in the series hybrid)
• Batteries
• Transmission

Hybrids Already in Use
The many hybrids used today some include submarines which can be nuclear electric or diesel electric, city buses in Seattle which are run by electric and diesel, giant mining trucks are often diesel electric hybrids and there are also some hybrid cars available

Hybrids – Present and Future
Hybrids already available include the Honda civic hybrid, Honda insight and Toyota prius. Hybrids manufacturers that have announced upcoming hybrids are:
Manufacturer Model Model Year
Daimler-Chrysler Dodge Ram 2005
Daimler-Chrysler Mercedes S-class 2006
Ford Escape 2005
General Motors Chevy Equinox 2006
General Motors Chevy Silverado 2005
General Motors GMC-Sierra 2005
General Motors Saturn-VUE...

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