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 – The Business of Technology
May 19, 2014 – The Business of Technology (Amazon) is one the best-selling online bookstores in the world. But, they don’t sell just books. They sell anything from health and beauty to wine and everything in between. Their store front presence on the world-wide web is first rate, eye catching, interactive, and user friendly. The technology that Amazon uses is a large part of their success. From hardware and software to applications, collaboration tools, security, and world class customer service, Amazon remains on the cutting edge. Amazon’s business objective is to be the top selling store front on the Internet.
Since its web debut in 1995, Amazon focuses on fulfilling its mission of “our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online” ( Retail Industry, nd). To remain at the top, Amazon relies heavily on their employees and systems to provide the largest customer selection and the most responsive customer service.
Today’s technology has made the art of running a business much more efficient and smooth. It provides real-time data availability and allows for more attentive customer service. Business and customer questions now take minutes instead of days to research and answer. One of the main reasons for the time decrease is databases. Another reason is the availability of web access through computers, laptops, cell phones and iPads.
Operating System
An operating system is a group of software applications that manages computer hardware and provides common services for computer programs. “Functions of an operating system are to read and write data, allocate main memory, perform memory swapping, start and stop programs, respond to error conditions, and facilitate backup and recovery” (Kroenke, p.80) . Amazon utilizes a Linux...

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