American Beauty

American Beauty

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American Beauty

Have you ever seen a movie that just simply amazed you and almost disgusted you in a way. “American Beauty” struck me in very different ways some including feelings of disgust, truth and reality.

Lester is at a high school basketball game to watch his daughter Janie who is on the cheerleader squad. Although he was not very thrilled about going to the event once he notices the physical appearance of his daughter’s friend who is also on the squad Lester suddenly becomes very interested. Lester before he even introduces himself to his daughter’s friend Angela, assumes because of her beauty that she is personable and precise.
Carolyn, Lester’s wife is neurotic, she is so devoted to becoming successful that she dose not realize what is going on around her and starts to become distant. And when she dose not succeed she starts to cry and beat herself up over it, making her emotionally unstable.

Her attitude towards Lester is also very negative. For one instance when they are all leaving in the morning and Lester drops his briefcase in front of her she says that he can’t possibly make her any later and that he is a loser because of it. Another scene is when she has some fund raiser for reality and she really likes The King of real sate so she tells Lester to just be quiet and for once make himself useful to her.

While at work Lester is supposed to write how he is important to the company. Instead of doing this he decides to tell the efficiency manager how he really feels. Also he tells the expert how he knows all about the manager spending almost fifty thousand dollars on a prostitute.

Ricky Spitz is the new neighbor that moves in next door to Lester and his family. Ricky shows signs of very high obedience in this case it is to his father. Ricky and his father are on there way to take Ricky to school and his mentions how he can’t stand that there gay neighbors just stopped by to rub it in there face that they are gay and proud....

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