American Strife

American Strife

We have reached the America’s. The journey was long and hard. At times it was almost unbearable. Leaving our family members behind was very difficult. Knowing the strife that they face in our homeland makes me very sad. Ireland is a land of difficult time right now. When we left our homeland, I wondered if we would ever see it again.

Ireland is a difficult place to live right now. We had very little food to eat, no money to buy the things we needed, and nothing to trade. Family who left for America last year was able to send money to provide passage for my family.

We left Ireland to find freedom. We were told in this place we would be able to own our own land, and have religious freedom. We will no longer have to worship what we do not believe. We will have the freedom to worship whatever religion we choose.

Our family, myself, Patrick my brother, my sister Elizabeth, my Mother Mary, and my father John, left on a boat on November 11, 1705. We did not reach the America’s for almost 98 days. The conditions on the boat were becoming unlivable before we made land fall. He had not seen any land in a very long time.

We have traveled by horse and wagon for many days. My father was able to find a piece of land to begin living on. We are a short while out of a small place named Philadelphia. There is much building going on it this area. My father has obtained a job working in a factory. My brother was able to obtain a job working on some roads. The area that we are living in is all people from our homeland.

People are very hopeful here in America. In Ireland, the people had just lost their happiness. There we were always worried about what was going to happen. In America, it is hard, but there is hope.

Philadelphia has so much building and people in it. The people there seem to move with a purpose. I wonder what it will be like in a few years from now. I hope that more of our family will be able to come to America.

We have more food...

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