An Assessment of Returning to School

An Assessment of Returning to School

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Running Head: AN ASSESSMENT 1

An Assessment of

Returning to School

Elmer V. Baldueza

English Composition 121

Dr. Karen McFarland

September 20, 2010


An Assessment of Returning to School

In today’s society, many adults are going back to school. In fact, adults are no

longer the traditional students they once were. The average age of undergraduate students

continues to rise. The types of programs available to adult students are also increasing

with a variety of options including distance education, technical skills, short term medical

skills, ancillary job training and computer training, all respond to the current demands of

the variable employers ( Records, 2003). Even though it will be helpful for the purpose of

advancement and future job prospects, choosing the best school for me was a confusing

process. My major concerns were the school requirements and credentials needed to get

registered and not to mention that I have never been to school for sometime now.

I learned that requirements varies between different schools so I needed to

consult the college advisors for each of the schools that I was interested. There were

special requirements that applied to me. For instance, some schools did not require me to

take the SAT’s. Also, many of the published college guides, such as The College

Handbook or Peterson’s Guide to Four Year College’s generally contain information

about the requirements for traditional high school graduates. I quickly realized that these

guides and many others did not apply to me. My next course of action was to call the

admissions office and ask about special programs for adult students and distance learning

programs. While...

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