Analysis of Kick Magazine

Analysis of Kick Magazine

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Analysis of a similar magazine

There are many magazines on shops shelves to day that are similar to the magazine I will produce, but the one I have chosen to analyse is ‘Kick’ magazine. The targeted audience for ‘Kick’ magazine is young children, around the ages from 5-12 year olds. I can tell this by the layout, colours and text that is used, also this magazine contains a free gift of super strikes trading cards. Many magazines give away free gifts when they are trying to attract a young audience, e.g. free toys in kids’ magazines. ‘Kick’ magazine is sold at a fixed price of £2.40, (excluding special offers), and is released on a weekly basis.

‘Kick’ magazines front page is very colourful, making it a very powerful. The name of the magazine ‘Kick’ is in a plain red font, the red makes it very eye-catching, the dot above the ‘i’ is a football that is moving at speed, this is fitting for the name of the magazine because when a ball is ‘kicked’ the ball moves at a high speed. Also, on the front covers are many features title for example, ‘Beckham! What’s he up to?’; ‘Euro Heroes,’ etc. all these are bordered with white to make its stand out more. In addition, there are pictures of 4 players, Messi, Fabregas, Tevez and Villa, all world class players. Having such good players on their magazine will also attract a lot of readers’ because their fans will want to buy the magazine to read about them. The main masthead is called ‘Euro Heroes!’ this text is blocked capitals filled with a light blue; the font of the text is a bit childish as there is no structure to it. Overall the front cover has lots of different images and texts on it, all these are with different colours so that means that there is no consistent colour scheme, but we do notice that the editor does like to mix red with blue. These contrasting colours make the magazine stand out on shelves and lead to more sales.

Opening to the first page, it takes the reader to an editorial from the kick gang...

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