Analysis Of The Micro Environment Tourism

Analysis Of The Micro Environment Tourism

Analysis Of The Micro Environment Tourism Essay


In legal terms 'Law' is defined as, "a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority: as a : a command or provision enacted by a legislature".

Basically it is a set of regulation and regulations of conduct, which are practiced in general. These rules and regulations are bound by legislature.

In this assignment I will be discussing law in context with Consideration and Contract.

Question 1:

Marketing emphasises on meeting the needs of the consumers and providing them with value, and benefits, while at the same time handling the organisation in an efficient and profitable manner.

Marketing is a process that involves constant adaptation and implementation of the varying consumer trends, and demands. While at the same time having a competitive advantage over the competitors, and while at the same time ensuring that the satisfaction of these needs result in a healthy turnover for the organisation.
Objective of the coursework:

The objective of this assignment is to analyse the Manor House Country Club Hotel's (MHCCH) external environment and internal environment. I shall use PESTEL Analysis, Industry Analysis and MHCCH's Opportunity and Threat analysis to draw out the company's external environment and Core competencies, Value chain, Ansoff Matrix, strength and weakness of MHCCH will be applied to illustrate the internal environment.

Overview of the Hotel:

In 1992, Manor House Country Club Hotel was established as a family owned business by the Jenkins Family, in Singapore. The MHCCH spans over 3 acres of prestigious reclaimed land, and is operating currently as a single hotel. The Hotel provides various varieties of Luxurious accommodations, and serves tourists from around the World. The hotel also serves its customers with various types of cuisines, from its modernised Restaurant; the hotel also has Bistro...

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