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Evette Niyokwizera
Mrs. Marchand



The significance of Athena's owl
culturally/symbolically in ancient times is that it is
not Athena's owl but Athena = owl. Most of the
images of an owl in ancient Greece simply represent
Athena. Only rarely does she appear with a symbol of
an owl and she never seems to appear with an owl.
She was involved with shape shifting and she would
sometimes appear as an owl. But the owl represents

Athena’s special power
Athena is the goddess of the defense
of Athens, wisdom and women's
crafts. She is a virgin warrior
goddess, one of many throughout
mythologies of the world. Since the
Greek world was patriarchal, her
status as a warrior goddess was
limited.  Her power was specifically
in defense of Athens.  Perhaps
because Greece was conquered at
the end of the Bronze Age, Athens
alone was among the Greek cities
that survived. her status is also
limited because of her service to her
father, Zeus.  She acts with his
consent or she does his will, so that
whatever her powers are, they are
also his powers.

A story of Athena
Athena was one of the most powerful
of the goddesses. She was called the
daughter of Zeus; but the Greeks
believed that she had sprung full
grown from his head, wearing her
helmet and armor. She was more
warlike than the other goddesses,
and was almost always successful in
her battles. Athena was the goddess
of wisdom and learning. The owl was
her favorite bird, because of its wise
and solemn look, and it is often
represented with Athena in the
images which the Greeks made of

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