Why does rap music get a bad rap?

Why does rap music get blamed for a lot of negativity that goes on within the black community? In 1992 a man named Ronald Ray Howard was charged with shooting a Texas state trooper to death while listening to a Tupac Shakur song called, “Soulja’s Story.” The song was later blamed stating that it had conditioned him to hate police officers.

In October of 2005 Ronald Ray Howard was put to death by lethal injection leaving behind three daughters and one son. Being a fan of Tupac Shakur I later did research because the title of the song that was previously mentioned didn’t sound right. “Soulja’s Story” was about a gangster and his little brother and how the little brother wanted to be like him but Tupac closed the song with “never get much older following the tracks of a soldier” meaning that there was no future in being a gangster.

The song that I think they were referring to was called, “Violent.” It was about crooked cops pulling over two black males and setting them up by planting drugs in their car and beating them with night sticks instead of taking the police brutality, they fought back. Tupac stated in the song “They claim that I’m violent just because I refuse to be silent.” He also had an acronym for the n-word he stated in the song, “Never ignorant getting goals accomplished.”

I think that they use rap music as an escape goat for bad parenting. How can a song dictate the life of a person especially if that person was raised to know right from wrong? Police officers were being shot way before Tupac’s song came out but the media doesn’t see that. They only focus on the negative aspect. For example: Tupac has a song called “Brenda’s got a baby” where he raps about teen pregnancy. He also has a song called, “Dear mama,” where he raps about single mothers and how they are appreciated but the media doesn’t focus on positivity especially when it comes to rap music. Nowadays when you think about rap,...

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