Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher

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Running head: ANTWONE FISHER

Antwone Fisher
Patti L. Tolle
SOWK 503 – Fall 2012
Samih Samaha

1. Film Character Chosen
Antwone Fisher
Antwone Fisher a temperamental young man in the navy with a violent past. In this paper I will discuss Antwone History, some of the horrific experiences he had and why he tends to get into trouble with his fellow navy peers. The Theoretical Analysis of Antwone’s behavior that explains his upbringing. Examining Erikson’s Theory and how it relates to Antwone. Then looking into a few select theories of ecological theory, attachment theory, behavioral theory and finally empowerment theory and how each one relates to Antwone. The life of this young man is both heart wrenching and inspiring that the answers affect both his life and the psychiatrist who finally got inside to help this young man.
2. Description of Antwone Fisher
In this movie Antwone Fisher is approximately 24 years of age African American man who joined the Navy because he had no place to live and no family. He carries a great deal of burden with him and it shows in his behavior in violent outbursts of fights with his peers. His sergeant has now referred to for final time for another psych evaluation. At this time Antwone meets Dr. Davenport who believes that he can help Antwone with his past and to have a more successful future.
During these visits with Dr. Davenport, Antwone goes back in time to his childhood, describing events of having been tied up and beaten with his brothers and alone. Dr. Davenport gives Antwone a book about slavery and tells him to read this book that may have answers as to why he was raised that way he was in the “Tate” household. Given that they were African American people, who were a Baptist religion this family may have grown up with the same behaviors that they are not raising children themselves on.
In one of the abusive memories, Antwone recalls Ms. Tate using fire to threaten him with, while also being tied to a pole...

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