Art criticism

Art criticism

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Sasha de Rozario

1. I included my self-portrait on the woman holding the sun; I gave myself the body of an older woman with long hair who is missing her right arm. The two women are breaking free from their eggshells to express the spiritual nature of the universe. The portrait is a dynamic balance and wholeness of life; waiting to rise. This imagery was arranged to empower women with different forms of disabilities. The sticks and dead plants on the nest make up the word DAWN, which is an abbreviation of the organization Disabled Women’s Network. Different variations of line was used throughout the composition, I used color to make the illustration more eye-catching and not seem dull to the viewer.

2. My imagery sports respect for the human person, and entrails respect for the rights that glow their dignity as God's creation. Everyone should look upon their neighbor as "another self" and not have any lack of discernment towards any other human. Their trait shows the disabilities of human, but the rising bodies show intelligence in the pure state existing for itself. The lone leaf represents new the beginnings of a world where every person is treated as an equal.

3. Social justice is a basic value and desired goal in equitable and fair justice. It made me explore and feel involved with creating work to affect positive social change. My work intent was to create a platform for sort to reconnect audience with issues of global concerns. I wanted to illustrate women breaking the barriers of society and allowing others to enter haven where everyone is treated as an equal.

4. For the majority of the illustration I used pens and ink to show the unjust world where we blind ourselves with the concepts of hate and discrimination not allowing ourselves to see the beauty and color of the world. I used watercolor paint to show goodness, equality leaking, and spreading light into the world revealing the beauty we blind ourselves from. The darkest...

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