Aspects of Tone

Aspects of Tone

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The Aspects of Tone in Literature

This paper will dive into the aspects of literature found in three short stories from the Language of Literature book. Each story in its own way is unique and each author’s use of tone whether it is by them or the characters portrayed in the story is different from one another. The research that has been done comes mainly form the book itself and the various portrayals of the stories, their plots, and another person point of view by other people who have written the book and given a small overview or insight on the author’s life and their work. Online sources will consist of a written summary by someone who has read and analyzed the short story itself and given a clear interpretation of what the feel the authors may have tried to portray in their stories. The stories that will be researched in this paper will be, “The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor”, “The Lay of the Were-Wolf”, and “from Utopia”. Each story was chosen based on each author’s style of word usage and plot for their stories.
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The Aspects of Tone in Literature
In modern times several people have come to get tone and mood confused with one another. Although tone and mood have various similarities they are two separate things in literature. Tone being how the author depicts their feelings or attitude toward the subject of the story. The author reveals tone through their word choice. Your ability to recognize tone will often be the difference between understanding the story and completely missing the point. You can analyze tone by looking for specific elements within the novel or short story. On the other hand mood is the feeling, or atmosphere, that the writer creates for the reader. The writer will use connotation, imagery, and figurative language to develop the mood. According to some, certain elements used to describe tone and mood can be the same but are often times misinterpreted and incorrectly defined. Here we...

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