Assigment 1.1: Procedural Message – Draft Version

Assigment 1.1: Procedural Message – Draft Version

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Procedural Message – Draft Version
Brian Morgan
Strayer University: South Raleigh Campus

English 315: Professional Communications
January 15, 2014
Procedural Message – Draft Version
To: All Employees
From: I.T. Department
January 7, 2014

Subject: Company policy on the use of email and text messaging,

I want to refresh you on the Company, policy for email, text messaging and cellphone use. This policy is not meant to stop you from emailing and texting; it is in effect to provide a guideline of unacceptable and acceptable use. The Company policy is to ensure the use of the email, phones, and cellphones so all of our employees are aware of what is deemed as acceptable use, and non-acceptable use of items of communication.


• Email is primarily to be used for business information only. Company information must not be shared with anyone outside of the Company, without the correct authorization at any time. At any time you are not to conduct personal business using the Company computer, Company cellphones, and email.

• There will not be any sending of jokes, stories and spam by email and text messaging. This will be a violation of the Company use of acceptable email policy, and will be addressed according to the I.T. Department

• All employees need to be aware that internet technology staff is monitoring the use of email.

• Email and text messaging is a corporate communication business tool, and it should be used in a professional manner, to the suitable to the Company, and working as part of the team.

• When leave your workstation you must ‘lock’ the computer to stop unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your email and Company Information.

• Please keep in mind when forwarding/sending non-business emails and text messaging to friends and family. You are here to conduct business for your Company, Any non-business emails and text messaging are a waste of Company time.


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