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What this association means? Pardon me, this association doesn’t mean that which is present in most abbreviations in the form of ‘A’. The person, whom I am writing about here, also may not know what it is. But, as I know it happens all by itself. Let me come to the topic of ‘Associations’. Dictionaries have given two meanings for this. I’m sorry if you’ve happen to see more. It is written something like Association (Group) and Association (Involvement). The latter one is further defined as ‘When you are involved with or connected to someone or something’. Here particularly it’s about associating, connecting or linking two things, that too when you are unclear about those two things. The word ‘creativity’ has been used here only for this reason.

And this creative guy is my roommate. Whenever we happen to speak something of interest, he likes to give some inputs to the conversation to make it more interesting. And, of course, he makes it more interesting with his, what we call as ‘creativity’. Here go some instances..

September End: We are talking about the nearest holiday we are about to get as work and college when attended regularly for too long becomes boring. So there came his input. ‘Hey we may have a holiday on October Jayanthi right’? Probably this was never heard before. When it clicked us, we came to know he is talking about Gandhi Jayanthi that falls on October 2nd. Mostly, this creative association came because the day falls in the month of October.

People who’ve had an acquaintance with Bangalore may know about Brand Factory. It’s a mall, where you get clothes of different brands, under one roof. I guess that day it just went out of his mind and what he named Brand Factory was ‘Bangalore Factory’. I am yet to figure out where from, this association came!

His experience and ours too, with movies has been horrible. Few days back we were thinking of going to watch some movie. The release of...

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