National Education Association

National Education Association

National Education Association (NEA)

1. Issues that the NEA are concerned with:

* No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

* Education Funding

* Dropout Prevention

* Achievement Gaps

* Social Security offsets

* Charter Schools

2. Political Ideology

* The National Education Association (NEA) claims to be a non-partisan group. They continue to support the Democratic Party during the Presidency.

* NEA supports the Republican political candidates for Congressional offices though.

* Liberal

3. In the News

* No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind’s (NCLB) main goal and focus point is to close the achievement gaps between the students to make sure all are up to skill on their writing and math skills. Some proposed changes that was made was to cut the “Adequate Yearly Progress” and to place more focus and work on classroom climates and the attendance.

* McCollum seeks huge funding increase for Indian schools

In this article Rep. Betty McCollum from Minn. is requesting $263 million in funding for the Indian schools approval from the House. Three quarters of the Indian schools fail to meet federal standards each year.

4. Policy and Public Agenda

* They use their voice to push forward policies through the Representative Assembly (RA).

* They also influence the state and federal laws.

* Influences the policy in usually one certain area.

5. Strengths

* They are continuing to fight the No Child Left Behind law. They believe this law needs to be changed.

* NEA focuses on the school systems in making them a safe and better place for learning.

* Improving the quality of teaching and student achievements.

* They grant individual grants to schools to help the teachers to improve the achievements of students.

6. Weaknesses

* Always in favor of Democratic president nominees.

* Sometimes they focus too much on the teachers...

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