Malaysia National Philosophy of Education

Malaysia National Philosophy of Education

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“Education in Malaysia is a continuous effort towards enhancing potentials of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner in order to create individuals who are well-equipped intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. This effort aims to produce knowledgeable, ethical and responsible Malaysian citizens who are can contribute towards the harmony and prosperity of the community and nation.”

The National Philosophy of Education (NPE) acts as a guide for all educational activities in Malaysia. It sets the values and principles of the Malaysian education system from the primary to the tertiary level. The NPE explains the aims and objectives of the national education for the individual and the nation. Its aims and objectives are in tandem, namely, to produce individuals who are knowledgeable and full of integrity who will contribute as responsible citizens. Education is considered to be a basic and major process in developing individuals to be the key players in achieving the country’s aims and aspirations. With the NPE, the national education system has propelled to the forefront of education in the region.

The basis of NPE’s philosophy is that humans are steadfast in their belief in God and their religion. The ultimate aim of education based on this philosophy therefore is to develop every aspect of individuals in a harmonious and balanced manner so as to preserve their wellbeing. Knowledge and education should path the way to goods ethics and moral values as responsible and learned members of the community and nation.

A core concept of the NPE is the value and role of knowledge in the development of individuals and their role in the community. More importantly, the value of knowledge lies in the truth of the matter which serves not only to inform but also to transform and shape individuals to serve the community. This power of knowledge that is able to transform individuals and their networks makes it a very valuable commodity. Education is a...

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