Nursing association flier

Nursing association flier

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Heritage and Health Care

Grand Canyon University
First generation Portuguese born in the United States, T. Carlos. 56 y.o. M. Grew up in suburban area of Massachusetts with mother, father, six brothers. His two children grew up in urban/ tourist area in Hawaii. Has not been admitted to the hospital once since child birth, did receive regular wellness checkups. Parents focused on eating healthy and staying active while growing up, these practices continue today. Foods and rest, along with prayer were often used as remedies for colds or ailments. Recalls one time when son was taken to pediatrician for URI and received antibiotics.

1. Where was your mother born? ________ Azores Islands________
2. Where was your father born? ______ Azores Islands _______
3. Where were your grandparents born?
(1) Your mother’s mother? ______ Portugal ______
(2) Your mother’s father? _____ Portugal _____
(3) Your father’s mother? _____The Azores Islands ______
(4) Your father’s father? ______ The Azores Islands ______
4. How many brothers ___6__ and sisters ___0__ do you have?
5. What setting did you grow up in? Urban _____ Rural _____ Suburban __x___
6. What country did your parents grow up in?
Father __Portugal__
Mother ___Portugal __
7. How old were you when you came to the United States? ___born here __
8. How old were your parents when they came to the United
States? Mother ___21__ Father __22___
9. When you were growing up, who lived with you? _parents, brothers____
10. Have you maintained contact with
a. Aunts, uncles, cousins? (1) Yes __x___ (2) No _____
b. Brothers and sisters? (1) Yes _x__ (2) No _____
c. Parents? (1) Yes __x___ (2) No _____
d. Your own children? (1) Yes __x___ (2) No _____
11. Did most of your aunts, uncles, cousins live near your home?
(1) Yes _____ (2) No __x___
12. Approximately how often did you visit your family members who
lived outside your home?
(1) Daily _____ (2) Weekly _____ (3)...

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