Atlas Shrugged Essay

Atlas Shrugged Essay

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Atlas Shrugged
By: Ayn Rand
Published 1957

Atlas Shrugged is a Fictional book that is about the United States Crumbling due to a bill that constricts the ability for bigger businesses to produce goods and raw material. The bill said that you cannot sell more than the minimum amount asked by the smallest party (that means if one company wants 800 tons of steel and another company only wants 400 tons of steel you have to give both parties 400 tons of steel)

Atlas Shrugged is set in dystopia of a United States at an unspecified time period. I would have to guess that the time period is the late 1800’s. The main character, Dagny Taggard, Vice President of the Taggard Continental Railroad is caught between her crumbing life as a successful businesswomen and as part of John Galt’s secret society of intellectuals. Basically what this group did was quit their high paying jobs to become laborers, doing common jobs so they do not have to give their brain to the “looters”. They created a secret society far away, in a space of land surrounded by forests where only John Galt and his group knew it’s location.

I think that the most interesting part of the book was when Dagny found out that her boss in John Galt’s secret society is someone she employed as a railroad worker. It also made you realize that Robin Hood was actually not a good character. John Galt said he was the opposite of Robin Hood because he took back or stole what was rightfully theirs and returned it to the productive rich as opposed to stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

The one thing I did not like was the fact that the story did not have any set time period. This bothered me because it had conflicting eras like at first it seemed to take place in the industrial revolution and than it seemed to change time periods to the mid...

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