Atrocities on Women

Atrocities on Women

Atrocities on Women...

Today’s women stand at par with men or in fact above. Yet the atrocities they face all through their life is a pity. Right from the moment they are in the womb, till they return back to dust, they become victims of harassment in many ways, even in today’s modern world.

The roles that a woman completes during her life span cannot be just described in words. During her childhood she plays the role of a responsible and mature child, youth is full of challenges, yet she outcomes all her obstacles, being a wife and mother gives her more challenges and responsibilities, which she fulfill with justice and even in the midst of all these, she excels in her career. In spite of all these excellent talents that she posses, she is always considered below men in all aspects.

Guess there is only thing that they could be considered where they are a bit weaker than men and that comes at the physical strength and this could be one thought that increases the confidence in men that they could dominate her.

Earlier it was the thought that men were more masculine and the bread winners of the family and hence they could dominate and women had to listen like slaves. Yet even when times have changed and in countries like the United States and Europe which are considered as developed countries, women had to fight for their rights in casting votes, which is the right of every citizen of the nation irrespective of sex. This clearly explains that no matter where in the world, women are seen as the weaker sex.

Women have proved what they are with time. They have explored all the areas that men have. They have competed with men and won, they have laid hands in every sector that men had. Right from a daily wage worker to political leaders, women are there in every role. Yet when it comes to decision making and serious matters, her opinions and voices are just washed away...

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