Automatic oil manufacturers? Cheer, no wasted no waste

Automatic oil manufacturers? Cheer, no wasted no waste

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FIRST Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is a development, development, design, production and sales of grain and oil machinery specialized companies, strong technical force, with a detection means in the evening, and a comprehensive quality management, reliable and efficient production equipment, advanced craft and technical personnel, the company produces different consume oil press, oil filter equipment. The company has become a large scale to meet the market needs of press products manufacturing company, is one of the press industry leading enterprises.

The company produces a variety of models of spiral automatic oil press, with selection of elegant, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, simple operation, small footprint, labor, energy saving, high yield and good quality oil. The technical indicators in the international press industry leader. Among them, the company's new series of multifunction 6YL- screw press is press the new product, the series can press on more than 20 kinds of raw materials for processing, can be a virgin net (except for individual species). Oil extraction process after vacuum filtration treatment, a strong little residue to protect the health degree of pure oil.

The company also produces rapid automatic hydraulic press equipment, from raw materials into the machine to squeeze the net, just 6-10 minutes 6-8 kg of raw materials, the majority of users. In addition, the company produces a variety of press and supporting the peanut sheller, automatic Broiling, centrifugal oil filter, electronically controlled refining and other ancillary products for users to choose.

I first company to quality, customer first for the purpose, all-round good service to the principle, welcome friends to visit our company to discuss the order, ensure you arrive in high spirits and satisfied.

Company Mission: quality of survival, in good faith and cooperation. To the credibility of development, innovation and development.


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