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Plot: This movie’s plot is about a pig named Babe and his quest to be a sheep pig. He undertakes many difficult adventures and has a lot of fun on the way.

Characters/ Characterisation:
Babe- the pig who is pink and very friendly
Mr. Haggard- who is also very nice yet gets robbed of his sheep.
Mrs. Haggard- she is a plump woman who wants to make “Babe” get big and fat, then eat him.
Rex- is a dog and is the tough guy. He is a little hard on “Babe”.
Fly- is rex’s wife and thinks the opposite about babe than rex does.
The Cat- is a very elegant person in this movie.
Ferdinand the duck- he is a duck who doesn’t like being a duck so at the crack of dawn he crows like a rooster.
Rosanna- is the unlucky duck and gets eaten for Christmas
Choir of mice- these tricky little mice are the singers in this movie.
Robbers & Dogs- these are the people that rob Mr. Haggard of his sheep.
Ma the sheep- she is very nice and discourages “Babe” of being a sheep pig.
Haggard family, Parents & kids- they are not country folk, they use fax machines and technical things like that.

Setting: This movie is set in the country and then progresses to the fun fair and so on. When the people realize that someone is stealing their sheep than the move to the farm.

Theme: would have to be within the grounds of a farm country and of the place in itself.

Context: the context is about a pig who is on a quest to be a sheep dog. He takes lots of challengrs and wins.

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