Being a Student in Miami Dade Community College

Being a Student in Miami Dade Community College

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Social worker

As a new student at Miami Dade Community College, I am excited to begin my first year at college with a clear picture in my head of what I want my achievements to be. Life is a continual learning process, which requires a strong method to develop the total learner. Personally, being able to obtain a higher education gives me an opportunity to better myself through knowledge. Through attending the college I also hope to gain a more positive image of myself, build my personal and interpersonal growth, along with achieving excellence in my academics. Being professionally successful should not be an expense of my personal success, but a challenge, in which I can accomplish. Also, encountering new people will provide me with the opportunity to improve self-growth as well as help others with their self improvement.
I feel that school and my professor will help me develop more independence in which ways I will be able to accomplish my goals. I feel that Miami Dade Community College supports me in that by offering me a flexible schedule along with having the ability to contact my advisor at any time for questions or help regarding my classes. Meeting new people will allow me to have the opportunity to expand my horizon. I believe achieving goals are essential to professional success. These goals will enable me to be involved in the learning process and it will give me the opportunity to become a life-long learner.
Professionally it is my intent to obtain employment with a major corporation as an social worker. Further it is my intention to complete my studies with an eye toward earning a masters degree in Medical and public health social workers.

As you can see the career I choose is a Medical and public health social workers. A Medical and public health social workers provide psychosocial support to individuals, families, or vulnerable populations so they can cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses, such as Alzheimer's...

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