biblical worldview

biblical worldview

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THEO 104-D34
November 22, 2013

Biblical Worldview Essay

Throughout any reading from the Scriptures from the Old and New Testament no matter what the genre the order of events and the process of living and practicing our belief is always footnoted by keeping the law. My chosen profession is studying to be a paralegal. In this profession the recordation of events and individuals actions must by nature always keep in consideration of that which is lawful or otherwise. Therefore, accuracy is of absolute value in determination of keeping or in other words living inside the parameters of the law. Both of my examples are meant to show references with respect to this image. The image of truth must be about God for without God there is no truth within the law.
Example 1
The first example is found in 1 Kings Chs.1 and 2, Kingdom United: Divided. If indeed man is created in the image of God certain factors must prevail within the framework of our actions which manifest our practices as though we could emulate God. Therefore, this story can show us what the supremacy of the law over individuals and nations is lived out in our daily lives. Confusion arises when Adonijah anoints himself King and ascends to David’s throne while David is still alive. Bathsheba, mother of Solomon goes to the ailing King with this request “My lord, you yourself swore to me your servant by the Lord your God: ‘Solomon your son shall be King after me, and he will sit on my throne.’ ” (1 Kings 1:17) Following the course of events David the King recaps his anointment of Solomon to follow David as King. Adonijah relents and accepts Solomon as the appropriate heir. After David’s death Adonijah goes back to Bathsheba and requests her to go to Solomon asking for Abishag be given to him in marriage by Solomon. Abishag (was the servant girl whom the tribe gave to King David to comfort him, but not lay with him in his final days). Then King Solomon swears “May God deal...

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