BIMS Descriptive Statistcs

BIMS Descriptive Statistcs

BIMS Descriptive Analysis
In the survey being conducted by Team B for BIMS, our results showed that we used three levels of measurement, ordinal, nominal, and ratio. The goal of this survey was to get and overall consensus from the employees on the questions they were asked on the survey. Each of the six survey questions was analyzed and the explanation for each is displayed on tables, charts and graphs. Once the data was analyzed, and shown, our team came to the conclusion that BIMS was experiencing poor communications within the company and high turnover rate due to low paying positions.
From the survey sent out to the BIMS employees, a total of 78 responses were received. In Figure 1 shown below, there were a total of 48 males, 28 females and two people that did not choose to disclose their gender. This is also equivalent to a total of 61% male, 36% female and 3% that did not answer the question.
Figure 1

Months worked at BIMS
Figure 2 shown below illustrates the amount of months employees have worked at BIMS. According to the data, more than half of the 78 employees that responded have only worked for BIMS for up to 40 months. A whopping 19 individuals have only worked at BIMS for up to 80 months. Ten people have been employed at BIMS for up to 120 months and very minimal have stayed beyond that time frame. The turnover rate at BIMS is shockingly high.

Figure 2

Figure 3 below proves that majority of the employees that participated in the survey, work in the housekeeping department at 47%. The food division came in second at 41% and the least amount of individuals worked in maintenance at 12%. The pie graph demonstrates that the bulk of the unsatisfied employees work within the housekeeping division which is concluded to be the main area of concern.
Figure 3

Q1: Do you enjoy working at BIMS
On the survey provided by BIMS the very first question asked is, “Does the employee enjoy working at BIMS?” This type...

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