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Please note: Answers for these questions should be very in-depth. The questions require critical thinking as well as utilization of analytical and evaluation skills on your part. Expect lengthy answers if done correctly. Write the questions and use page numbers or PPT to cite definitions. Be sure to write the questions.

Movie: The Doctor
Year: 1991
Director: Randa Haines
Characters/Actors: Jack McKee - William Hurt, Anne - Christine Lahti, June - Elizabeth Perkins, Murray - Mandy Patinkin, Leslie Abbott - Wendy Crewson
Length: 125 minutes
Rated: PG
Concepts: listening, communication climate, empathy, perception

Discussion Questions:
1. Define and identify two of the following barriers to effective listening found in the movie--this means provide/completely explain an example (only one of each will do—please label appropriately). You will need to describe the scene completely, share the conversation, and explain “how” or “why” it fits into the barrier you have chosen. (You can do more for extra credit.)
a. Filling-in-Gaps
c. Insensitive Listening
d. Pseudolistening
e. Defensive listening
f. Stage-hogging (Talkaholic)

2. Define and identify only one of following types of listening responses found it the movie—define, explain, and provide and an example of your choice.
a. silent
b. questioning – (define this and your choice of sincere or counterfeit)
c. paraphrasing
d. empathizing
e. supporting

3. Define, provide an example, and explain how a character engages in irrational thinking and debilitative emotions by falling privy to one of the following:
a. Fallacy of Perfection
b. Fallacy of Approval
c. Fallacy of Overgeneralization

4. There are examples of the following in the film: Equivocation, Euphemisms, and Idioms. Define and provide an example of one of them from the film.

Bonus: Explain, describe, and discuss 2 types of...

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