Biology, 7th Edition

Biology, 7th Edition

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AP Biology
Ms. C Durley

Text: Biology, 7th Edition by Campbell and Reece

I. Welcome to the course!! I am very excited and honoured to have this unique opportunity to work with you. We have an incredible year ahead, that will be full of challenges but with even more rewards.
There is no doubt in my mind that you will have BIG LONG moments of doubt this semester. I know though that if you hang tough and persevere that you will come out the other side a more confident and strong student and person.
Remember I am here to cheer you on, point you in the right direction and try my best to keep you inspired. So get ready…. Here we go!!!

II. Course Description
The Advanced Placement Program is an international program that encourages and rewards students who wish to push themselves to a higher level of learning and achievement. AP Biology, like all AP course is equivalent in nature and content to a typical first year university course. Throughout the AP program you can earn real university course credits. AP courses also teach you what university expectations are like and prepare you very well for going on to university. AP course are not gifted courses. You do not need above average intelligence to be successful. What you do need is a high level of motivation and a well developed work ethic.
AP Biology topics are similar in many respects to both Biology 12 and 11. Generally we go into more depth and detail and some additional topics are included.
AP Biology is heavily lab oriented. In this respect you are very lucky to do some labs that many Biology students don’t ever do! A main goal of all AP course is to develop the student brain, not just fill it! For sciences this requires a very strong lab component. Some labs come from the AP program and will be examinable on the AP exam. This course also includes a major emphasis on critical and creative thinking skills necessary to make senses of the vast amount of information contained in...

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