Biometrics - Security Enhancement

Biometrics - Security Enhancement

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(Security Enhancement)

Mohammed Tabraiz#1, Abdur Rahman#2

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University
A.M.S College of Engineering

Abstract— The present century has been one of many scientific discoveries and technological advancements. With the advent of technology came the issue of security. As computing systems became more complicated, there was an increasing need for security.
This paper deals with the concept of Biometrics which gives security to the pages in the internet. There are two security methodologies which are discussed in the paper viz., Token-based security and Secret based security. This identifies the psychological and behavioral characteristics of the user. Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) supports a limited form of security for the Microsoft® Windows® 98. There are many security mechanisms which are followed in protecting the password our paper discuss some of those techniques.
There are several types of verification methods. They are psychological verification, behavioral verification etc. in turn the above methods have sub methods which are discussed along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Keywords— Security, verification, scans, fingerprint, face measurement

I. Introduction
As per the saying “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION”, the need for a new type of identification and authentication technique has led to the development of Biometrics.
“Biometrics is an automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. “
  Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. As the level of security breaches and transaction fraud increases, the need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies is becoming apparent.Biometric-based solutions...

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