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i think that sometimes people try to help to much
other times not enough
i think that still others are just nosy and so forth and such
some people dont care . the truth is tough

they tell me i care more than i need
and for what ? to be stabbed in the back or walked on
what this is .. is more of a plead
for people to listen and think about what they have done

i tried to be unhated . the one everyone loved . perfect and flawless
i didnt want a single enemy . i thought it would work out
i thought that the right look and the body would make me great and no less
i pushed myself to not have a single enemy or look of hatred or doubt

then i woke up . and i realized . theres nothing wrong with me .i dont have to prove myself to you
go ahead . hate me . see what i do

all they wanted was to make themselves happy
they didnt care who they stepped on to do this
they didnt care who they left lonely

and it was working . they had all the power they could need
they could throw you away one minute . then decide they need you
and you know what ?! you always come back . they have that life that'll make you bleed

i am not trying to be the most liked . the skinniest . the best
i dont have to show myself to you . or follow your test

its a lot easier . not playing your game
you can have eveything you want but its a long fall from fame

its going to be tough when your not number one
because you have used everyone around you
it wont be much fun

but ill tell you this . im fine not being perfect
because i have these true few girls that make it all worth it

i dont need those girls that stabbed me in the back
i dont need to put myself at reach for attack

i want to thank these girls for always being there .
your the ones who are true
i have no other care

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